“Currently Under Construction”

Well, we’ve made it 19 days into 2020 and let me tell y’all, I feel better than I did this time last year!!

Literally better – according to my Facebook Memories (bless those), I was sick, most likely with strep or an upper respiratory infection. It seemed like I stayed sick for the entirety of January 2019. Maybe it was because last year’s weather in Virginia was frigid cold, everybody at work was sick, or maybe it was a mixture of both. Currently it is 22 degrees fahrenheit and we’re under a wind advisory, but last week felt like the beginning of spring! It was in the 60’s and I almost broke out my flip flops.

Then the cold came back and quickly reminded me to keep said flip flops in storage.

I’ve wanted to update for a few weeks now, but I am currently 1/3 of my department and since we’re understaffed and I’m the most computer savvy out of the other two in my department, I am stuck with the most hours. Which, hey, I’m not complaining about the overtime on my check, but holy shit when I am going to get a break.

I’m also currently in an “under construction” phase with this blog. My purpose of this was originally a glimpse into adulthood as I tackled marriage and a way to navigate through my mental health. And then I got separated in June and everything went up in the air. And as soon as I figure out how to get a divorce and not file for bankruptcy in the process, my last name will no longer be Largen, thus ending the “Largen Than Life” era that has became the title of this blog.

So, my fellow bloggers, readers, passerby’s, whoever stumbles upon the train-wreck you have before you, as of this moment we are in uncharted waters. I’m hoping to “rebrand” myself within the next month or so, and figure out my next purpose in life as I add “divorcee” to my list of regrets in life. Or is it accomplishments?

Y’all, I’ve only had 4 days off so far this year, bear with me.


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