Mental Health Break

Long time, no see, my friends. I feel the need to apologize. As I was in the middle of my 30 Thoughts series, I ended up sick. As I was getting over that, I just found myself having no motivation to complete anything whatsoever. I have pulled up several blank drafts of new posts over the past month, and I just couldn’t make my fingers type out the words I wanted to say.

It seems as though when the temperature changes to colder weather, I lose some of my spirit. I tend to sleep a lot more (of course, being night shift doesn’t really help that, either) and I don’t have much motivation to do anything outside what I really need to take care of. Then again, those tasks that I’m so used to doing also become harder to complete. I’m sure if I told my counselor this in one our sessions, he would probably point this all toward Seasonal Depression, which is something I have felt I’ve dealt with for a few years.

I decided to take a break from blogging, so I could take care of myself. I’ve focused on pulling myself back together, staying on top of my medication, and just in general learning ways to keep myself motivated and not dwelling on things that I cannot control.

My 30 Thoughts series, while it was an excellent idea in theory, added the extra pressure of needing to post everyday. Some of the postings felt as though I was reaching, and I soon felt like maybe I didn’t Instead of making it 30 separate posts, I believe it would have worked better as one article in itself. Trial and Error, my friends. It’s another part of adulthood that is vital to survival.

I am in the process of re-titling those posts just as Life Lessons. I thought about deleting them as I usually do in a bout of anger when things go wrong, but this is one of the things I need to learn not to do. Besides, who is to say that some of my ramblings won’t help somebody down the road?

Tomorrow, I turn the dreaded 3-0 and I’ll follow this quick update with my coming to terms and looking back at this last decade of my life as it comes to an end.

Until then.

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