30 Thoughts for 30 Days

When I first started this blog, it’s purpose was split into two ideas – to reflect upon my marriage and my adventures of adulthood and a challenge to myself to keep something updated for the remaining few months of my 20s. I had created a 30 before 30 list, a bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish or experience before I hit that dreaded third decade of my life at the end of November. It was full of travel and things I wanted to do as a married woman.

Then, June happened. If you’ve been keeping up with my story thus far, you know that everything went up in the air. And my list became void.

That’s actually what I wrote over and over on the page in my bullet journal, haha.

As I sit at my desk at work (the joys of night shift), I find myself reflecting on this last decade of my life. So much has happened in 10 years, it’s hard to believe it’s only been that – 10 years. I’ve grown up, matured, acted immature in (and out of) college on occasion, gone through traumatic events, fell in love, fell out of love, and began to love myself again.

I’ve found myself no longer dreading the number 30, but ready to embrace the next decade. Because, honestly, if my 20’s didn’t kill me, I’m sure my 30’s will be a cake walk.

My birthday is in two months at the end of November. There’s no way I could make half of the goals I had set to accomplish in that time (shy of winning the lottery or robbing a bank, anyway). So to make up for it, I have decided to create a mini-series of posts dedicated to 30 life lessons that reflect on how my journey through life has gone so far, in no general order of importance.

Surely to goodness it won’t take me 2 months to post them all, but we are dealing with well…me. So who knows.

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