Proud of Dad

This evening was the opening of the 2019 New River Art Biennial at the Moss Center in Blacksburg, Virginia. Dad may not have placed, and I know that he was a little discouraged by that, but honestly, being 1 of 64 finalists out of almost 400 isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

Plus this was the first significant art show he has participated in. It’s not the Carroll County Fair or the Dixie Classic Fair. These are the big dogs, and the mere fact he was able to be a part of this is a massive accomplishment for somebody who was never taught a thing about art. Dad is a self-taught artist, and now he’s competing against people who have spent their entire lives doing this.


I’m currently redoing his own website, so hopefully, that’ll help his confidence. If anybody is in the New River area of Virginia, head over to Virginia Tech and check out this entire exhibition. Some of the pieces are beautiful and interesting. I would have taken more pictures, but I didn’t quite know if I was allowed – I have never been to a thing like this before. But I had to have a picture of Dad with his art, though.

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