Late Night Ramblings

Tuesdays are always great fun because I have to force myself to stay up as long as possible to prepare for going back to work tomorrow night.

I try not to get too far off my sleep schedule on my days off, because if I do, then I play hell getting back onto it.

Currently, I’m sitting with an ice pack pressed to my cheek, hoping it will make this toothache go away. So far I have a numb cheek and a broken tooth that’s just pissed off at this point.

I need to make a dentist appointment. But my regular dentist won’t see me until I pay my $500 bill.

Ugh, adulthood.

Good news, I got Bret to finally agree to go back to counseling. We’ve had a pretty rough week, dealing with our family dramas and then dramas of our own. I’ve started taking my medication for my anxiety again, so between the two, maybe we’ll get back on track with our goals.

My sister-in-law and I have started planning our trip to Nashville in October. We’re probably just going on an overnight trip to see the Chainsmokers, but there’s also a lot of time before and after the show that we can explore the area. Granted it is a 6-hour drive for us, but it would knock 1.5 things off my 30 before 30 list.

Mine and Bret’s 2nd anniversary is this Saturday. Since his anxiety about traveling is still iffy, we’ll probably go to Christiansburg, Virginia. I’m really trying to get him to go to Roanoke because I really want to show him Hollins University. I haven’t been on my alma mater’s campus since I showed my SIL in October of 2017 and well, it’s been too damn long to be away from my second home.

My dad was invited to an art show in Blacksburg this Thursday. It’s entertaining to watch his reactions to all this. He’s a small town country boy with no professional art training, and he’s having to mingle with names he’s never heard of before. Oh, and he has to wear basically the equivalent of business casual – which he has never had to wear in his life. So Thursday should be comical at best.

Will most likely post highlights of the evening.

So far this has been a good week; my anxiety isn’t being a dick, Bret’s going back to counseling, and I’m hopeful that I’ll get this job transfer at work.

Is this possibly the uphill climb from rock bottom?


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