Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

I swear, if I wanted to deal with drama all the time, I would have majored in Theater.

It follows me everywhere! At home, at work, online, it’s impossible to escape!

Individual members the family live for the drama. They want to know who’s cheating on who, or who the most recent jailbird is. Or they start petty arguments to get a rise out of somebody or instigate some far-fetched story that pins the closest siblings against each other. And if that’s not involving me in some shape or form, my work life makes up for it. You have patients thinking their entitled because that’s how they were raised. Staff members who just “don’t want to gossip” but totally do because they want to stir the shit pot.


I get on Facebook, and there’s the neverending politics debate or this-person-looked-at-me-wrong-in-Walmart-and-I’m-gonna-blast-their-ass-online. A restaurant makes one mistake and oh no, we have to advertise it on these small town groups and ruin their business.

I swear, I’m either a living country song or starring in my own personal soap opera.

I should just call it Nashville 2.0 without the Nashville setting.

My life is so negative, I need more positive things in it.

Aint Nobody Got Time For That GIF

Too bad I can’t adopt another dog.

It’s payday, maybe I’ll buy myself something.

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