Flea Market Shenanigans

Bret and I walked around the flea market for a couple hours this morning. Compared to past years, this one seems a bit smaller than usual. What would usually take 4+ hours to go through and look at everything, it only took us shy of 2 hours.

Regardless, we found some exciting things and left with quite a few items.

Of course, Bret found his firefighter tent again.

I got a new phone case and found a tent that was selling movies for $5 a piece. And these are movies that have come out in the last 6 months. I got 4 to start with; I could have easily spent my entire paycheck there. I didn’t get a picture of the tent itself, but I also have the weekend.

And after working 12 hours the night before, the walking in temperatures in the high 80s, plus the fact that I mistakenly wore flip flops and ended up with some pretty gnarly blisters in between both big toes, I was ready to pass out when we got home.

Then I slept until 7pm and was almost late to work.


Tomorrow is our local high school’s graduation, and my youngest cousin is getting his diploma. So I get to pull another 12-hour shift and set in the hot sun again in the morning.


Another round in the flea market is debatable. I could definitely buy some more recently released DVDs for 5 bucks each.

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