Lazy Sundays

Ah, sleep. It’s the favorite past time of Sundays. Most of the time it’s a quick nap after church, your stomach full of that large lunch you took upon yourself to shuffle down. Maybe it’s from watching that ongoing NASCAR race, or the dull roar of that football game on in the background.

Mine comes from working 4 12-hour shifts back-to-back. Although it’s not technically a nap unless you want to call sleeping from 9:00 am to about 5:30 that evening just that.

Sunday sleep sessions are the best. You fall into bed, hugging the pillow and so thankful that you won’t be waking up in 7+ hours just to return to work for another mundane shift.

But then you wake up, and you’re just exhausted. The constant run of the past 4 days catches up with you. Your body (in my case, lower back) feels like it’s on fire. It drives all motivation out of you, and you are basically a ball of nope for what’s left of the day.

But it’s also the best feeling in the world.

You take that Sunday after those shifts and you de-stress. The past few days have more than likely involved angry patients, equally frustrated staff members, and a couple visits from either the local police or EMS. Worrying about anything else is the least of your concerns. You don’t worry about chores or cooking. You don’t worry about working out or even socializing for the most part. You take that one day a week, and you be lazy.

Because you earned it.

And as summer gets closer and the days get warmer, you might be motivated to lounge around the pool in the backyard.


Most importantly, you’re taking care of yourself. It’s a day you decide what to do. If you want to go back to sleep, do it. If you’re going to go run laps around the local high school track, what’s stopping you?

At least you’re not going back to work this evening!

It’s no wonder God rested on the seventh day of creating the universe. I work 48 hours in 4 days, and I’m ready to hibernate for the winter. Can’t imagine how He felt after working nonstop for 6.

bruno mars, monkey, and Lazy image


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