Tunesday Tuesday: Covers

Each day of the week will have some sort of theme. Today is Tunesday Tuesday (upon research I see that it’s a hashtag on Twitter – which I’m not surprised), in which each Tuesday I’ll share what I’m currently listening to. Sometimes it’ll be genre-specific, sometimes it’ll be whatever I’m listening to.

Be warned. I love ALL kinds of music. Country, Pop, 80s, Rock, Metal, Contemporary Christian, Classic Rock, you name it.

Today’s topic is Covers. The original song is always going to be a classic regardless of the genre. Then, an artist will come along and put a spin on a song that brings a new life to it.

Here are 9 of my favorite covers that are currently playing on repeat on my iTunes Music or YouTube Music:

1 – Blue on Black – Five Finger Death Punch featuring Brantley Gilbert, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Brian May

Released in 1997, original singer Kenny Wayne Shepherd joins Five Finger Death Punch for a revival of this song. Alongside them is Brantley Gilbert and Queen guitarist Brian May. It gives the song new energy but doesn’t deviate too much from its roots. With a music video honoring first responders, this song is just enough rock to give your day a boost to kick ass and take names throughout the day.

2 – Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton

I grew up listening to types of music – 80’s hair bands courtesy of my mother and classic country with my grandpa. His favorite artist of all time was George Jones, who released Tennessee Whiskey in 1983 and covered it from David Allen Coe, who originally published it 1981. So when it was brought back onto the airwaves in 2015 by Chris Stapleton – whose voice sounds like it time traveled from the age of country music when it was more than lift kits and bonfires – it was a beacon of hope that country music would return to his storytelling roots.

3 – Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Miley Cyrus

One of my all-time favorite bands growing up was Poison, and they still are (how can you resist Brett Michaels in that cowboy hat??). When Hannah Montana herself released her cover of this 1988 heartbreak song, I couldn’t help but play it on repeat.

4 – Johnny Cash – Hurt

This 2002 cover of Nine Inch Nails is probably one of the best covers and songs from the Man in Black. There are no words to describe the raw and emotional talent of this man.

5 – Teenage Dream – Darren Criss/Glee

Glee was a show for covers, and while some were hit and miss, Teenage Dream soared above expectations. While Katy Perry’s 2010 bop is still something that I play on repeat 9 years later, this acapella version isn’t far behind on my play count.

 6 – Never Enough – Kelly Clarkson

The entire soundtrack from The Greatest Showman is terrific, no doubt. But when they reimagined the songs a year later with current artists, there was no other person besides Kelly Clarkson to match Loren Allred powerful vocals.

7 – Good Life/What a Wonderful World – Lady Antebellum

This is featured on their concert DVD Own the Night and was originally posted as one of the Webisode Wednesdays. Lady Antebellum is one of my favorite artists of all time, so of course, they had to be featured at some point.

8 – 22 – Eclipse 6

This Taylor Swift acapella cover is sweet, and the video is absolutely adorable. 22 was one of mine and my best friend’s senior year songs in college. Now, six years later, the nostalgia of this video makes me long for those days of fewer responsibilities and more fun. Although, I do hope the parents called for a babysitter before they took off to relieve their golden days….

9 – We Owned the Night – fun.

While Lady Antebellum’s original of this song is fantastic, fun’s version brings a stripped down version that you would expect to hear in a coffee shop set. I remember hearing this for the first time when Sirius Hits 1 played it after it was performed in their studio. It’s a good thing my mother was driving because I would have totaled the car on how excited I had been.

Sound off – do you have a cover that you absolutely love? Share in the comments, and I’ll add to my playlist!

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